EDDY Family of Cornwall

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Andrew EDDYAge: 72 years17971869

Andrew EDDY
Given names
Birth 1797
MarriageJane EDDYView this family
May 22, 1824 (Age 27 years)
Census 1851yes

Christening of a sonHannibal EDDY
March 13, 1825 (Age 28 years)
Christening of a sonAndrew EDDY
September 24, 1826 (Age 29 years)
Christening of a sonDavid EDDY
January 11, 1829 (Age 32 years)
Christening of a sonWilliam EDDY
April 22, 1832 (Age 35 years)
Christening of a daughterJane EDDY
September 26, 1834 (Age 37 years)
Birth of a daughter
1838 (Age 41 years)
Census 1841 (Age 44 years)
Marriage of a childAndrew EDDYElizabeth EDDYView this family
December 14, 1850 (Age 53 years)
Marriage of a childWilliam EDDYAnn THOMASView this family
February 6, 1858 (Age 61 years)
Marriage of a childJohn HOLLOWJane EDDYView this family
May 1, 1858 (Age 61 years)
Burial of a wifeJane EDDY
July 3, 1858 (Age 61 years)

Burial July 21, 1869 (Age 72 years)
Family with Jane EDDY - View this family
Marriage: May 22, 1824Zennor, Cornwall, England
10 months
18 months
2 years
3 years
2 years
4 years

Shared note

Andrew was recorded as a farmer of Bosigran when children Hannibal, Andrew, David, William and Jane were baptised (1825, 1826, 1829, 1832 and 1834).

In the 1841 census at Bosigran, Zennor (ref. 17-15): Eddy«tab»Andrew«tab»40«tab»«tab»Racker«tab»In county Eddy«tab»Jane«tab»«tab»40«tab»«tab»In county Eddy«tab»Hanibal«tab»15«tab»«tab»«tab»In county Eddy«tab»Andrew«tab»14«tab»«tab»«tab»In county Eddy«tab»David«tab»12«tab»«tab»«tab»In county Eddy«tab»William«tab»7«tab»«tab»«tab»In county Eddy«tab»Jane«tab»«tab»5«tab»«tab»In county Eddy«tab»Ann«tab»«tab»3«tab»«tab»In county

In the 1851 census at Bosigran, Zennor (ref. 3d-15): Eddy«tab»Andrew«tab»Head«tab»M«tab»54«tab»«tab»Farmer Of 12 Acres Land«tab»Zennor Cornwall Eddy«tab»Jane«tab»Wife«tab»M«tab»«tab»56«tab»«tab»Zennor Cornwall Eddy«tab»Hannibal«tab»Son«tab»U«tab»25«tab»«tab»Tin Miner«tab»Zennor Cornwall Eddy«tab»David«tab»Son«tab»U«tab»21«tab»«tab»Tin Miner«tab»Zennor Cornwall Eddy«tab»William«tab»Son«tab»U«tab»18«tab»«tab»Ag Lab«tab»Zennor Cornwall Eddy«tab»Jane«tab»Dau«tab»U«tab»«tab»16«tab»«tab»Zennor Cornwall Eddy«tab»Ann«tab»Dau«tab»U«tab»«tab»13«tab»«tab»Zennor Cornwall

In the 1861 census at Zennor (ref. 17-38): EDDY«tab»Andrew«tab»Head«tab»W«tab»66«tab»Zennor CON EDDY«tab»William«tab»Son«tab»M«tab»28«tab»Zennor CON EDDY«tab»Ann«tab»Daughter in Law«tab»M«tab»27«tab»Zennor CON EDDY«tab»David«tab»Grandson«tab»-«tab»1«tab»Zennor CON EDDY«tab»John«tab»Grandson«tab»-«tab»2m«tab»Zennor CON EDDY«tab»William«tab»Grandson«tab»-«tab»3«tab»Zennor CON

Andrew was buried 21 Jul 1869, Zennor, aged 75 of Bosigran.

Notes from Clem Edwards:

1841 Census Piece: HO107/144 Place: Penwith-Cornwall Enumeration District: 17 Civil Parish: Zennor Ecclesiastical Parish: Folio: 36 Page: 4 Address: Bosigran Surname First name(s) Sex Age Occupation Where Born Remar ks EDDY Andrew M 40 Racker Cornwall EDDY Jane F 40 Cornwall EDDY Hanibal M 15 Cornwall EDDY Andrew M 14 Cornwall EDDY David M 12 Cornwall EDDY William M 7 Cornwall EDDY Jane F 5 Cornwall EDDY Ann F 3 Cornwall

Bosigran,1,Thomas Eddy,30,,Farmer,Cornwall ,,Willmot Eddy,,30,,Cornwall ,,Willmot Eddy,,10,,Cornwall ,,Thomas Eddy,10,,,Cornwall ,,Elizabeth Eddy,,2,,Cornwall Page 5 Folio 36 ,,Grace Eddy,,6m,,Cornwall Bosigran,1,Phillip Eddy,30,,Farmer,Cornwall ,,Ann Eddy,,30,,Cornwall ,,Phillip Eddy,10,,,Cornwall ,,Elizabeth Eddy,,8,,Cornwall ,,John Eddy,5,,,Cornwall ,,Sarah Eddy,,3,,Cornwall Bosigran,1,Richard Eddy,70,,Farmer,Cornwall ,,Jane Eddy,,65,,Cornwall ,,David Eddy,30,,,Cornwall ,,Elizabeth Phillips,,15,Female Servant,Cornwall Bosigran,1,David Eddy,25,,Miner Tin,Cornwall ,,Grace Eddy,,20,,Cornwall ,,Grace Eddy,,4m,,Cornwall

Andrew EDDY (b.1796-7.Z) m.Jane EDDY (b.1794-5.Z) 22 May 1824.Z. Hanibal bp.13 Mar 1825.Z Andrew bp.24 Sep 1826.Z; m.Elizabeth ? David bp.11 Jan 1829.Z Wm. bp.22 Apr 1832.Z; m.Ann ? Jane bp.26 Oct 1834.Z Ann b.1837-8

The 1851 Census had No.15 at Bosiggran, Z, AndrewEDDYHm54farmer of 12 acresb.Z Jane"Wm56" Hannibal"Su25tin miner" David"Su21"" William"Su18ag. lab." Jane"D16" Ann"D13"

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