EDDY Family of Cornwall


Given names
MarriageMary MATTHEWView this family
November 2, 1738
Christening of a sonJohn EDDY
May 9, 1739
Christening of a daughterMary EDDY
May 16, 1742
Christening of a sonJames EDDY
December 10, 1744
Burial of a sonWilliam EDDY
September 28, 1747
Christening of a sonWilliam EDDY
March 23, 1750
Christening of a sonPascoe EDDY
November 5, 1751
Christening of a daughterElizabeth EDDY
August 31, 1755
Marriage of a childJohn EDDYMary GROSEView this family
January 1, 1766
Marriage of a childJohn HATTAMElizabeth EDDYView this family
May 3, 1779
Marriage of a childWilliam EDDYMary BOSENCEView this family
March 11, 1780
Shared note: Notes from Geoff McKee: William EDDY married Mary BOSENCE 11 Mar 1780 St Just by banns, both of this parish, in the presence of Thos. MICHELL and D'l SPURR.
Burial of a sonWilliam EDDY
November 28, 1782
Marriage of a childJames EDDYLoveday HATTAMView this family
August 12, 1783
Burial of a sonPascoe EDDY
November 28, 1817

Family with Mary MATTHEW - View this family
Marriage: November 2, 1738St Just in Penwith, Cornwall, England
6 months
3 years
3 years
19 months
4 years

Shared note

There were several John EDDYs around that could be the one that married Mary MATTHEW in St Just. Phillimore and Taylor provides a slight clue in that it doesn't state that either were from another parish, i.e. they were from St Just.

Previously, from a file I imported from another researcher, I had John's parents as William EDDY and Susanna GENDALL, but I now believe this is unlikely. The main reason is based on location, as mentioned above. William and Susanna had children baptised in Madron until at least 1725, and even if the family moved to St Just shortly after this, John could well have been recorded as 'of Madron' in Phillimore and Taylor. So, baptisms of John EDDY/EDYs in St Just that could fit the marriage to Mary MATTHEW in 1738 are son of: (A) Bernard EDY & - -, 22 Nov 1696 (B) John EDY & - -, 16 Feb 1696/97 (C) Richard EDY & - -, 26 Mar 1705

Prior to 1696 there is a John EDY baptised 2 Aug 1668, son of Christofer EDY & Prudence, but he most probably married Ann THOMAS, and incidentally they had (B). So, of the above, based on age (A) and (B) would both be possible, but (C) would be the most appropriate. Looking at names of John and Mary's children to see if John's parents' names are passed down, first we must ascertain the names of the mothers involved in baptisms (A), (B) and (C). (A) married Cisley GERMAN, (B) married Ann THOMAS and (C) married Alice CLEMENTS. As none of Bernard, Cisley, Richard or Alice are names passed down to John's children or grandchildren, (B) would appear to be the most appropriate baptism for the husband of Mary MATTHEW.

St Just baptism register entries for Mary (17 Feb 1753), and 3x Susanna (11 Jul 1747, 01 Jan 1751 and 07 Nov 1761) are all recorded as daughters of John EDDY but no mother's name is recorded. I have assumed the 3x Susanna are children of John EDDY and Susanna - burial registers were checked and 2x Susanna were buried shortly after their baptism, suggesting all 3 were from the same family, most logically with the mother of the same name. Unfortunately it is harder to work out Mary's parents, but as I can't find a burial entry for a Mary between 1742 and 1753, I have assumed the first Mary of this family was still alive in 1753 and so the latter Mary must belong to John EDDY and Susanna.

Other children recorded in the St Just baptism register as children of John EDDY, with no mother mentioned: (a) Mary, 27 Apr 1734 (b) John, 09 May 1739 (c) Richard, 11 Aug 1744 (d) James, 05 Nov 1763 (e) Peter, 29 Jul 1759 (f) Mary, 30 Oct 1774

John and Mary probably had another son William that wasn't baptised (may have been stillborn) as there is a burial of a William, 28 Sep 1747, St Just in Penwith, son of John and Mary.