This website is dedicated to researching the various branches of the EDDY family tree in Cornwall. This includes the descendants of all Cornish EDDYs, regardless of whether they’re in Cornwall, elsewhere in the UK or abroad. If you have an ancestor that’s a Cornish EDDY then I’d love to hear from you.

My EDDY ancestors were from St Just in Penwith, the most westerly town in England, at the tip of Cornwall. Throughout the 1800s, the parish of St Just had the most occurrences of the EDDY surname, where it was also the third most prevalent surname.

When I began researching my ancestors in 1999, I found that I had to piece together many other seemingly unrelated EDDY families, if only to differentiate them from my direct line. This developed into gathering information regarding all occurrences of the EDDY surname in Cornwall. Where I have collated this info into families I have made them available via my database. It features around 1,900 EDDYs who have married into many other Cornish families and the database contains over 3,700 people. Some of the branches stretch back to the 1600s and many of the descendants have spread far and wide to countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA, mainly due to the emigration of Cornish miners.

How to find someone

The genealogical data is in a dedicated section so please see the database page for more information. As well as the database there is also a summary of the earliest male EDDY in each branch of the tree – which I’ve called the EDDY Patriarchs of Cornwall.

How to contribute to this project

If you have a connection with a Cornish EDDY and have some useful information that you’d like to contribute to this project then please get in touch using the Contact form.

All contributions are welcomed. People contact me for a variety of reasons, often because they have found an ancestor in the database and want to say hi, or to fill in missing descendants or suggest corrections. Alternatively, maybe you have already researched a branch of the EDDY tree that isn’t yet on the database.

However, sometimes it’s the small pieces of information that provide that vital, missing link. So whether you have a will or a marriage certificate featuring an EDDY maybe even as a witness, or a family bible, or details of an EDDY death, or a reference to an EDDY on a property deed… whatever it is, if you think it could help this project then please do get in touch.


For a map of Cornwall and detailed maps of the parishes of West Cornwall, please go to the Cornish maps page.